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July Message from the Head Master
22nd July 2017

July Message from the Head Master

Unless it has already arrived, you will shortly have the Summer Term edition of The Quad through your letterbox. As ever, a full run-down of the term’s activities and achievements awaits you there, and as we mark the end of the year there are a few heartfelt farewells to staff too.

A new term and indeed a new year start once more in early September and our July newsletter includes links to final details. For those of you with sons and daughters chewing their nails in advance of the A Level and GCSE results, please rest assured that the team will all be here to make things go as smoothly as possible and to provide support through the final steps of UCAS applications.

Lots of work is going on around the College this summer, from building improvements, to the final steps to our new website, which will be up and running from late August. Wherever you are, and whether results await you or yours is an entirely carefree summer, I hope that the next weeks involve some time of real relaxation and refreshment.

Until September,

Dominic Oliver, Head Master