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May Message from the Head Master
11th May 2017

May Message from the Head Master

As the Summer Term has glowed into action so GCSE exams have now started in earnest and A Levels are soon to follow. The atmosphere is calm and studious and I’m sure the pupils’ hard work and commitment will pay off – of course they continue to have the absolute backing of all the staff until the final full-stop on the final paper. We send them our very best wishes for the weeks ahead.

Amidst the air of dedicated hard work, an atmosphere which is rubbing off impressively onto those yet to be hit by public exams, Lancing life continues in its usual lively style. This year’s ‘Heresy’ projects have been published and are available to read on the website. These are examples of the kind of vigorous intellectual cut-and-thrust we are lucky enough to share on a day-to-day basis. Read too of the Evening of Light Music, featuring the Concert Band, Honk!, Brass Ensemble, Big Band, A Cappella Club, Symphony Orchestra and many more. This took place exactly a week after a superb Evening of Chamber Music. Music also forms the heart of our Pupil Headliners section this month, alongside myriad Science Olympiad winners.

We have started to develop a series of short and practical ‘Guides for Parents’ to commonplace challenges you – and we – face in caring for young people. We start in this newsletter on a hot topic: the vexed matter of teenage parties. Once the exam season is over there will be an understandable(!) desire to celebrate and relax and the guide is meant to offer a few pointers as to what you might wish to do if you are going to have a party under your roof. I hope you find this useful and do please let us know of topics you think we should cover in the future.

Saturday 6 May saw the formal opening of the new wing in Handford, now an all-through girls’ House. The extension was opened by Zoe Conway (OL and BBC reporter), who was joined by many fellow OLs, current pupils and parents and also former Housemistresses. Girls have been part of Lancing’s pupil body for nearly 50 years and the event was both an inspiration to current pupils and a wonderful celebration of some of the very first young women in the House. As one of them put it, “Looking around at all those ladies gathered in the swishy new common room on Saturday ... I realised what a fantastic bunch of sassy, kind and intelligent women Lancing had sent out into the world. I feel incredibly proud to be one of them ...”.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as are able to come to Founder’s Day. Merryn Somerset Webb will no doubt make for an entertaining and engaging speaker. Given her political punditry on the news media and the fact that she will be talking just before the General Election, it will be fascinating to see what she gives us in the midst of our celebrations of another happy and very successful Lancing year.