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Learning Support


Lancing College aims to enrich and extend the learning of all pupils in accordance with the SEN code of practice and recent legislation. The ethos of the school is to promote learning potential and emotional well-being.

We recognise that children learn at different rates and have individual needs; our aim is to empower pupils to fulfil their goals.

There is close liaison between the Learning Support Department and House Masters/Mistresses and all teaching staff are encouraged to work alongside the Learning Support Co-ordinator to ensure that pupils develop to their full potential.


Arrangements for pupils with special educational needs are coordinated by Mrs Judith Scullion, an experienced teacher with a specialist qualification in teaching children with learning disabilities. In addition, Miss Maxine Howells is our full time Learning Support Teacher. Mr Richard Cook is a part time member of the teaching staff who also contributes widely to the work of the department.

Members of the Learning Support Department are available to assist any student identified as having difficultly in accessing the curriculum. We have expertise in dealing with a range of specific learning difficulties in addition to more general problems such as poor organisation and exam anxiety.

Parents with concerns about their child’s performance are encouraged to contact the Learning Support Co-ordinator so that advice and any necessary support can be arranged promptly. The Learning support co-ordinator will also advise on appropriate procedure in dealing with external experts such as Educational Psychologists and any accompanying required documentary evidence.  

The best means of contact via email: or by telephone: 01273 465892


There is a variety of support available which can be tailored to suit individual needs, this may include: in class support, individual lessons, up to a maximum of two sessions per week, and small group work in English and Maths. Examination access arrangements can be organised for pupils who have a recent Educational Psychologist report to support this. The progress of students is carefully recorded and monitored to ensure that the level of intervention remains appropriate. 

Study skills lessons can be arranged on an individual or small group basis. These lessons are constructed to accommodate individual needs and may cover the following areas:

  • Preferred learning styles
  • Note taking skills
  • Reading for a variety of purposes
  • Memory skills
  • Essay planning and writing skills
  • Revision strategies
  • Exam technique
  • Stress management


The Learning Support room is a comfortable, well resourced area with full network access and a range of assistive technology. It is a busy and thriving part of the school which provides a welcoming atmosphere to all pupils, staff and parents.

My feeling is that my in a fantastic nurturing school that cares about each individual child
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