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Changes to the Lancing Week

Changes to the Lancing Week from September 2016

This page provides details of some important changes to the structure of the school day commencing September 2016.

These changes are being implemented to optimise the effectiveness of the school day at Lancing and to make the best of the teaching and learning opportunities of our pupils. They will also provide further personalised provision of co-curricular activities and PSHE, meeting the needs of different year groups and developing areas of interest. The new timetable will also allow parents/guardians to be more involved alongside their child(ren) in the areas of PSHE, careers provision, university information mornings and whole-school ‘drop-down’ days through a revised Saturday timetable. Every element of these changes aims to enhance the pupil experience at Lancing and to create the best possible environment in which they can fulfil their ambition and potential.

In summary these changes will benefit pupils by: 

  • Optimising the structure of the day through focusing teaching earlier in the day, thus limiting late afternoon lessons, which both staff and students find less effective.
  • Increasing the number of double lessons in subjects such as English, History, creative arts and sciences where a longer lesson time maximises the teaching and learning experience.
  • Retaining flexibility in some subjects such as Maths and languages where shorter, more frequent bursts of activity are better.
  • Introducing a new period throughout the week from 4.00pm to 5.45pm for activities and academic enrichment such as music, drama and community and academic activities.
  • Enabling us to build in a range of exciting extension opportunities, clubs, societies and creative opportunities as well as retaining and developing our community service  and leadership endeavours such as Outreach, CCF and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
  • Maintaining and developing our exceptional musical, dramatic and artistic provision.
  • Increasing the efficiency and expertise of our games coaching provision and keeping Saturday afternoon fixtures.
  • Providing the opportunity for parents and pupils to share some PSHE and careers experiences on a Saturday, facilitating more communication between students, school and parents/guardians.
  • Reducing the impact of exeat weekends on student learning while allowing the necessary pauses that these provide in the busy pace of a thriving school.

We have worked hard to adapt the programme of the Lancing College week to serve the needs of different year groups and to enhance the learning and living experiences for pupils.

This is very much an outline of the new timetable; precise and individual details will be confirmed in September. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the College if you have any further questions or concerns.

Please click on the document links below for specific details at year group level:

Changes to the Lesson Programme - Third Form (PDF)

Changes to the Lesson Programme - Fourth Form (PDF)

Changes to the Lesson Programme - Fifth Form (PDF)

Changes to the Lesson Programme - Lower Sixth Form (PDF)

Changes to the Lesson Programme - Upper Sixth Form (PDF)

The following document provides answers to commonly asked questions:

Changes to the Lesson Programme - Q&A (PDF)

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