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Past Events

Please expand the sections below for details of the Lancing Club's past events. 

  • Christmas Party and Carol Service 2016

    It was great to see so many OLs gathered for the OL Club Carol service on Monday 12 December at Chelsea Old Church. This hugely popular event has been running since 2006, the numbers grow every year and we are grateful to Captain Graham Robinson, Gibbs’ 1958–1962, for his efforts in making it such a success. The Reverend Canon David Reindorp, Field’s 1966–1971, who has so kindly hosted this occasion for the last 11 years was joined by his fellow Field’s house contemporary, The Right Reverend Jonathan Meyrick, 1965–1970, who is going to be installed as Lancing’s Provost on Saturday 21 January 2017.

    A full report of the evening will appear in the last edition of the Club Review in spring 2017.

    In the meantime, we're pleased to be able to share the photographs of the event HERE.

  • Old Lancing Club Annual Dinner 2016

    The Old Lancing Club Annual Dinner 2016 took place at the East India Club, London, on 4 November 2016.

    The generations were out in force and it was wonderful to see the last eight decades represented around the dining room. Truimphales O Soldales was led resoundingly by the Chairman, Andrew Farquharson, Head’s 1970–1974, and The Reverend Canon David Reindorp, Field’s 1966–1971, spoke frankly and fondly about his time at Lancing. A detailed report of this event will appear in the Club Review in February 2017

    We're pleased to be able to share a selection of photos from the evening, more of which can be found on our Facebook page.


  • LOBFC Annual Dinner 2015

    The LOBFC Dinner was held in the marvellous venue of the Centenary Hall overlooking the pitch at Stamford Bridge Stadium, the home of Chelsea FC. Congratulations go to Martin Todd and his team for arranging an excellent evening. The guest speaker was Alan Mullery, the former England Captain. Alan had a distinguished career, playing for both Spurs and Fulham and scoring the opening goal for World Cup holders England against Germany. Alan also managed Brighton and Hove Albion to two promotions and led Palace, Charlton and QPR at different times as well. The evening was a fantastic success.

  • Lancing Club AGM & OL Summer Garden Party 2015

    The Lancing Club met for its annual AGM and Summer Garden Party on Thursday 14 May at the Royal Over-Seas Club. The AGM was well attended by many Club members and new committee members were proposed and voted on as well as other general business of the Club being dealt with. This included renaming 'The Lancing Club' the 'Old Lancing Club' or OL Club for short.

    Sadly the British weather lived up to its reputation and rain prevented Club Members from appreciating the wonderful gardens. However, the reception was still very well attended and a great atmosphere prevailed. The AGM agenda and papers will be uploaded here shortly for the perusal of Club Members. 

    AGM Guest List

    Summer Party Guest List

  • Sydney Reunion 2015

    On Thursday 8 January 2015 Australian OLs from across the country met up at Wolfies Waterfront Restaurant, Sydney. 


  • Auckland Reunion 2015

    On Sunday 4 January 2015, New Zealand OLs met up at the Euro Restaurant in the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland. It was a superb setting for a very convivial lunch, with good food and even better company. 


  • Lancing Club Annual Dinner 2014

    Lancing Club Annual Dinner 2014 

    Halloween night found us once again at the House of Commons – a superb venue for what proved to be another brilliant occasion – sponsored by Greg Barker MP, OL. Having survived the security inspection at the Cromwell Green entrance, we found our way to the Strangers' Bar which filled quickly with faces both half-remembered and familiar too while the wine was freely available. It was a first chance for many of us to meet the new Head Master, Dominic Oliver – and to welcome Head Boy Oli Hancock and Head Girl Dulcie Pearson.

    We were a capacity crowd of 115 for dinner in the Strangers’ Dining Room. Dinner had an appropriately English theme – Suffolk game pate, English lamb and pear tart – but the wines were French – Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

    Our new Club Chairman, Andrew Farquharson invited us to toast ‘The Queen’ and then introduced the Head Master, Dominic Oliver, in his first Autumn Term at Lancing - who started with a George Eliot quote “delicious Autumn … were I a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns.” He reminded us, in this centenary year of the outbreak of WW1, that 179 Lancing pupils had lost their lives in that conflict. The College holds a remembrance event each year but is looking at new ways to commemorate those who fell. Ten Head Master’s Scholarships have been awarded this year as a ‘Living Memorial’. He had done some research too: 127 years ago (1877) was the year of the first Test Match between England and Australia, the first Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, a dead heat in the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race – and the year in which the Lancing Club was founded. Finishing with another quote (Walter Bagehot: “The ability to stay quiet is one of the conspicuous failings of mankind”) – he proposed the toast of “The Lancing Club”.

    Andrew Farquharson thanked the Head Master and wished him well in his new role. Andrew explained that he now had taken on the job of leading the Lancing Club into the new century. He thanked the Events Committee and in particular Neesha Gopal and Nick Parker for arranging the dinner - and welcomed the newest member of the Committee Renje Chen. Thanks too, to the College and a special welcome to Head Boy, Oli Hancock and Head Girl, Dulcie Pearson. He then introduced our guest speaker – an Old Etonian – but hugely welcome to the Lancing Club Dinner.

    Henry Blofeld OBE – so well-known a voice on Test Match Special – greeted us all (how else?) as his ‘dear old things’. He spoke warmly of so many friendships made through cricket. It was mainly through friendship with Harry Brünjes (Chairman of Governors) and Sir Tim Rice (‘everybody’s favourite OL’) that he was here to speak. In 1962 he had visited Lancing and met Ken Shearwood, got to know him well and recognised him as a great man. He recalled that Ken had five first-class games of cricket – average 5; caught 5; stumped 5 – but was better known for his time with Pegasus Football. He sent his warmest wishes to Ken – now aged 93 – and we all joined in.

    Henry told us that he had now spent 43 years in the commentary box. He described some of the greatest moments of those times with Brian Johnson and John Arlott. ‘Johners’ was the most extraordinarily funny man: he obtained the job with BBC Outside Broadcasts purely through the ‘old pals’ connection with Wynford Vaughan-Thomas: his first broadcast was of the explosion of a WWII bomb in St.James’s Park – which was done from the shelter of a ladies’ loo. He was dynamite in the commentary box – which was usually filled with suppressed giggles. At the age of 80, he was persuaded to go to India for the Bombay and Madras Test Matches – which he agreed under ‘no curry’ terms. However he fell victim to the diet and claimed to have invented the ‘Boycott Curry’ (got the runs, but moving slowly). John Arlott had started life as a Hampshire policeman – and his break came when India visited in 1946 – and he was the only commentator available who knew anything about cricket.

    This was the very start of Test Match Special – where he was welcomed as ‘a vulgar voice but an interesting manner’. Lunch for John was always a ‘two-bottle’ affair – with six bottles of claret after lunch. After lunch one day at Lords – in ‘mellow’ form – the first-ever ‘streaker’ appeared. Trevor Bailey, commentating, got it slightly wrong and called him a ‘freaker’. John responded with “Yes – a freaker – not very shapely, masculine – seen its last Cricket for the day – a policeman now holding his helmet over the offending weapon – 8000 in the Mound Stand, some of whom have never seen anything like it before”.

    Henry said it had been a good evening – lots of fun – and he sat down to tremendous applause.

    Club President Sir Tim Rice thanked Henry for his splendid contribution to the evening. He also thanked the Events Team who had organised the event. He then invited us all to join in the singing (words provided) of Triumphales, led by Andrew Farquharson – and the roof was duly raised. All over by 10:15pm, with time only for rushed farewells, before we made our way out through the eery space of Westminster Hall to join the Halloween throngs outside.

    Angus Ross (Second’s 1954-1959)

    To view or download the guest list for the dinner, please click here









  • Christmas Party and Carol Service 2014

    Christmas Party and Carol Service 2014

    The Lancing Club Carol Service was held this year on Monday 15 December at 7pm in Chelsea Old Church, London. The service was kindly co-hosted by the The Reverend Canon David Reindorp OL (Field's 1966-1971) and Vice-President of the Lancing Club, Captain Graham Robinson RN OL (Gibbs' 1958-1962). The OL Choir was directed by Tom Robson OL (Teme 2002-2007). The Choir was superb, singing many well-loved Christmas Carols beautifully. After the service, mince pies and mulled wine were provided in Petyt Hall.

    Choir Members:
    Choir Master: Tom Robson (Teme 2002–2007)
    Chris Brooker (Head’s 1958–1962)
    Bruce Phillips (Field’s 1958-1962)
    Alastair Thompson (Olds 1958-1963)
    Peter Birts (Head’s 1959-1964)
    Peter and Rosalie Taylor (Field’s 1959-1965)
    Davina Ferrier (Handford 1995-1997)
    Adam Brownson (Field’s 1992-1997)
    Tristan Meares (Olds 1998-2003)
    Vanessa Moir (Handford 2002-2004)
    Rosie Scott (Manor 2002-2007)

  • AGM and Summer Reception 2014

    AGM and Summer Reception 2014 

    The Lancing Club AGM and Reception was held on board HQS WELLINGTON on 8 May 2014.


    The Club President Sir Tim Rice chaired the AGM at which some 24 Club members attended, some accompanied by their partners. Our Chairman Captain Graham Robinson had indicated that he was stepping down as Chairman after thirteen years in the role. Under the three year rule Phil Hellary retired at the end of his term as a Committee member. The President warmly thanked Graham Robinson for all his hard work and contribution over the period. 

    Andrew Farquharson was elected as the new Chairman and the election of the Officers were Sir Tim Rice - President; David Rice – Hon Treasurer; and Anthony Phillips – Hon Secretary.
    Newly elected members of the Committee were Nick Parker and Tom Robson.

    The Chairman delivered his report for the year telling members about the Club’s activities and particularly its support for the College and the OL Sports Clubs. He referred to the proposals for updating the Club and the on-going discussions with the Headmaster. The Treasurer reported on the financial year to 31 December 2013 and stated the Club was in good financial health. The accounts were approved by the meeting.

    Under any other business it was proposed the Committee should consider increasing its donation for the Battle of Britain Commemoration day on 14 June at the College from the £1,000 previously requested to £2000 to pay for the Spitfire display in totality. This was agreed subsequently by the Committee.


    The Reception on board HQS WELLINGTON is a delightful occasion and always well attended (free food and drink do help!). Both recent and older Club members were well represented. This year was a very significant occasion for it was the last time that the Headmaster Jonathan Gillespie and his wife Caroline would attend a Lancing Cub function. Outgoing Chairman, Captain Graham Robinson, thanked Jonathan and Caroline for their contribution to Lancing over the last eight years and made a presentation to Jonathan of two books on the History of Hockey reflecting his keen interest in the game. A bouquet of flowers was presented to Caroline. Jonathan in response thanked the Club and its membership not only for the kind donations but also for its support to him and to the College during his Headmastership. He and Caroline would be sad to leave Lancing but he felt that after eight years it was time to make a move. He would, of course, remain in touch with the school as his two sons, James and Alex, would continue to be pupils in Gibbs’ House.

    A good time was had by all!

    Anthony Phillips

    Please see a selection of photos from the night below... 






  • Christmas Party and Carol Service 2013

    Christmas Party and Carol Service 2013

    Our Carol Service for 2013 took place at Chelsea Old Church, with the service conducted by the Vicar of Chelsea Old Church, Canon David Reindorp OL (Field's 1966-71), and featured the OL choir directed by Tom Robson OL.

    Members of the Choir
    Choir Master: Tom Robson (Teme 2002-2007)
    Bruce Hawkins (Teme 1957-1962)
    Chris Brooker (Head’s 1958-1962)
    Peter Taylor (Field’s 1959-65) and Rosalie Taylor
    Peter Birts (Head’s 1959-1964)
    Laura Burkedin and Linda Abbott (Manor 1990-1992)
    Davina Ferrier (Handford 1995-1997)
    Tristan Meares (Olds 1998-2003)
    Rosie Scott (Manor 2002-2007)
    Ewan Stockwell (Gibbs’ 2003-2008)
    Johnny Kilhams (Teme 2003-2008)
    Jessica Wigmore (Handford 2005-2007)
    Poppy Ewence (Field’s 2005-2010)
    Emily Meredith (Field’s 2008-2012)
    Suzy Parker (Handford 2009-2011)
    Organist: Ben Cunningham

    This was followed by the Christmas Party at Petyt Hall, adjoining Chelsea Old Church.

    The evening was a huge success and we are already looking forward to the next!
    Please see below for a few pictures taken on the night.

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