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Lancing College Estate Produce

Situated in the heart of the South Downs National Park, Lancing College and the Chapel are well known landmarks of the south coast. What many people don’t know is that the College also has a fully working farm that forms part of its estate and grounds.

Please click here to learn about students' involvement in the Lancing College Farm Project.

Set in 70 acres of conservation-managed land and run by students and a dedicated Farm Manager, the farm specialises in lamb and pork produce. All livestock is free range and slow-reared to ensure that it develops a good flavour.

The sheep consist of a mixed flock with Jacob and Shetland crosses forming the bulk of the produce. These crosses, although not large, carry a great deal of flavour. Southdown and Dorset Down sheep along with pure Jacob and Dorset and Suffolk are also reared and bred for meat. The pigs are rare breeds: Oxford Sandy Black and Gloucester Old Spot. These produce heavy pigs with a relatively high fat content but a huge amount of texture and flavour. For those who want a more ‘standard’ pork, a White x Duroc and Oxford Sandy Black cross has also been introduced. This has a little less fat but the Oxford gene keeps the flavour in the meat.

All of the livestock is grazed in a free range environment. The sheep run in conservation managed woodland and paddocks. The pigs are rotated in woodland paddocks that are re-seeded on a regular basis to ensure the best farrowing environment for them.

Food Miles and Locality

The farm produce carries very low food miles. It is transported from the farm to an abattoir situated just 14 miles away. Here the animal is carefully prepared and then sent direct to the retailer for sale. The livestock, as with every UK farm, is tagged and recordable so it can be traced from ‘field to fork’. The result is local produce that has been carefully selected and reared with animal welfare, conservation and education at its heart.


We regularly have lamb, mutton and pork for sale. This includes bacon, sausages, gammon and usual cuts of meat.

If you would like to place an order for some free range meat, please contact Jon Hutcheon, Farm Manager, via email at with your enquiry or requirements. We will advise you of availability and price.

We are also happy to supply to trade outlets and have livestock for sale from time to time.


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