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Post Results Services

Request forms can be found below, and are available via the VLE, Student Resources/Exams.  

All post results services must be submitted through the school.

Access to scripts (ATS)

GCE candidates may request copies of their scripts to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It can also help them decide whether to ask the school to submit an Enquiry about Results (EaR).

Requests for priority scripts (for pupils with university entries), must be requested by 1pm Thursday 25 August.

GCSE Priority scripts are available only for Edexcel, deadline 1 September.

The final date for requests is 1pm Friday 30 September. Scripts requested after priority deadlines may not arrive until November.

Enquiries about Results (EaR)

GCE and GCSE candidates may ask the school to submit an Enquiry about Result of an examination.
This should be done in consultation with the Head of Department, Mr Ward or Dr Herbert.

If the school submits an enquiry about the result of an examination after the subject grade has been issued, there are three possible outcomes:

- The original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to the grade
- The original mark is raised so that the final grade may be higher than the original grade received
- The original mark is lowered so that the final grade may be lower than the original grade received.

Consequently the Awarding Bodies require the candidate to sign a form confirming that they understand how the outcome might change, and that they give their consent to the enquiry or appeal being made.

Requests for Enquiries about Results, together with the appropriate fee and the signed consent form, must be received by Mrs King by 4pm Monday 19 September.

Examination Results Mailing 2016 (PDF)

Post Results Services (PDF)

Summer ReMark Request 2016 (PDF)

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