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Hong Kong Reunion 2014

It is always a great joy to visit our Lancing community in Hong Kong and to be able to thank personally our many supporters in the Far East. This trip was particularly memorable as it was an opportunity for the Head Master to say a fond farewell to OLs and parents after his eight year tenure.

We have 214 OLs and 60 parents and former parents in Hong Kong and it is a privilege to meet so many interesting and gifted people who are so loyal to the College. We had over 70 people at the drinks reception and dinner held at the Hong Kong Football Club and it was marvellous to see the different generations coming together and to feel the warmth and support for Lancing so many miles from home.

We are extremely grateful to the Lancing Club for supporting the dinner on behalf of their members who really appreciate the contact and news from their old school. Special thanks go to James Barrington, Gibbs' 1973-1978, a member of the FOundation Council and a key figure amongst OLs in Hong Kong, who spoke with so much passion and humour at the end of the evening. It was also a pleasure to have Dr Harry Brünjes and his wife, Jacquie, with us on this occasion.

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