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Refurbishment Project

February 2014 marked the start of a two year, multi-million pound refurbishment project, which will see a significant upgrade to the accommodation in all of Lancing College's Boarding Houses.

The project has, in part, been enabled through the re-acquisition of The Sussex Pad (pictured above) - known until recently as a hotel and restaurant, but originally part of the College's buildings. The Pad will act as temporary accommodation for students, as each House is upgraded in turn.

As this exciting project moves forward, we will be sharing photos and updates here.

In the Advent 2015 edition of The Quad, Bursar Mark Milling wrote: 

The boarding refurbishment is charging on and nearing completion.

Over the 2015 summer holiday, we refurbished the whole of the Victorian portion of Teme House and the Third and Fifth Form sections of School House, as well as its common room.

During the first half of the Advent Term, we tackled School House Lower Sixth 'Pitts Passage' to coordinate with the complete replacement of the Pitts Passage, Library and Sanderson Room roof. A renewed central heating system and a hefty dose of new insulation in this area will ensure the boys are warm for decades to come.

During the latter half of the Advent Term the Lower Sixth girls from Field's were relocated to the Pad whilst the main corridor of Field's was refurbished.

School House Fourth Form will follow in the Lent Term.

After we have completed these projects there will only be a few small areas of some Houses left to do but these haven’t been forgotten. Furthermore, Head's House will receive some TLC over the summer holidays to keep our very important day contingent happy!

Much has been achieved in the last 20 months largely due to the boundless energy of our Estates Bursar, Gavin Merryweather. A big thank you goes to Gavin.

Please click on the expandable sections below to see how things are progressing.

  • Manor House - refurbishment completed Easter 2014

    Tuesday 25 February 2014 : After one week, bedrooms and common areas are stripped back.

    Tuesday 18 March 2014 : After four weeks, plastering and painting continues; kitchen and bathroom installations in progress...

    Friday 28 March 2014 : After five weeks, carpets are going in; kitchen and breakfast room installations are being finished...

    Tuesday 8 April 2014 : Just beyond six weeks - more flooring and carpet laying; new furniture has been delivered into the pitts.

    Tuesday 22 April 2014 : The calm before the storm: Following the Easter holiday, and with a few final touches during the day, the girls will be moving back into Manor this evening!

  • Gibbs' House - refurbishment completed Summer 2014

    July 2014: The Gibbs' House refurbishment was completed in its entirety during the summer holiday, while all its resident students were away - especially beneficial, since extensive work was required UNDER the House. A plumbing team replaced the boilers and heating systems, including the removal of large diameter cast iron piping from tunnels that extend even beyond the full length of the above-ground corridors. With limited access, and because they were concreted in by the flooring when installed in the early 1900s, the pipes needed to be cut into sections to get them out!

    While the plumbing work was carried out mainly below ground level, the pitts, kitchens, bathrooms, work and common rooms above ground were gutted, redecorated and re-fitted with new furnishings. Everything was completed by the end of the holiday, ready for the influx of new and returning pupils.

    We're pleased to share some 'during' and 'after' photos below.

    A cleared section beneath Gibbs' House (left), and the junction of pipework below Gibbs' and Field's Houses
    Old pipework extending beneath Gibbs' House (left) and the coal chutes which originally served the boiler room.
    Cutting the pipework to facilitate removal (left); crawling room only beneath the original pipework (right)

    7 August 2014: Same old with new copper pipework

    September 2014: A freshly-redecorated pitt

    September 2014: Workroom in use

    September 2014: A redecorated Third Form bedroom and study area

    September 2014: A refurbished and re-furnished common room


  • Second's House - refurbishment completed Lent 2015

    Friday 2 May 2014 : Work already completed during the Easter break...the entrance hall has been completely stripped, re-floored and re-decorated along with the common room (now renamed the Godfrey Room after recently retired and much-loved matron Barbara Godfrey).

    Third and Fourth Form pupils have moved down to the temporary accommodation in the Sussex Pad, while work continues in their areas of Second's House.


    The initial phase of work in Second's is being finalised as we return from half term at the start of June.

    September 2014: Third and Fourth Form pitts are now completed, as work moves to the Sixth Form rooms.

    The Godfrey Room in use; sofas and soft furnishings have been completely replaced.

  • Teme House - refurbishment completed Summer 2015

    In the first week of June 2014, work started in Teme House, with some of the boys relocating down to The Sussex Pad. Common rooms and kitchens were the first focus areas...

    The summer holiday of 2015 has seen the completion of works in Teme House.
    We're pleased to share a selection of photos of the finished refurbishment below.

    Ground floor kitchen - ready for the morning break time rush! See the 'before' shot above.

    Finished common room - see above for the 'before' photos.

    Looking down on the entrance lobby from the first floor landing.

    Bathrooms completely modernised.

    At work in one of the day rooms.

    Laundry rooms - now refreshed!


  • Handford House - Extension Completed Summer 2016

    Handford - our Sixth Form girls' House - has been 100% refurbished, with work completing in the 2015 Summer Term.

    The photos below show the completed bathroom, kitchen and pitts.



    Handford House Extension - Spring 2016 update

    In preparation for its conversion to an all-years, all-through House from September 2016, Handford is currently undergoing a c £2million extension, which will see the addition of 27 beds to the existing 44, a new and enlarged Common Room with kitchen area, as well as a two-bed Matron's flat and a three-bed Assistant Housemistress's flat.

    The photo below - from March 2016 - shows the extension to the rear of the existing building, as roofing and insulation near completion.

    Building work is expected to complete at the end of July 2016, with the installation of furniture in August. The extended House will be fully operational for the beginning of the 2016/17 academic year.


    Handford House extension completed - Summer 2016

    The wait is finally over! The new Handford House extension is complete and fully operational for the start of the Advent term. The £2million extension adds a further 27 beds to the existing 44, making Handford the College’s largest House with space for up to 70 girls, aged 13-18 years. As well as the extra beds, new bathrooms and space, the extension also provides a 120m² Common Room, with beautiful views across the South Downs to Boxhill, and a spacious, modern kitchen area – perfect for social gatherings, baking and making toast! 

    The extension has also facilitated a major step forward for Handford by enabling, for the first time, a full suite of accommodation to be available for residential staff, making the extension, as well as the additional space and new furnishings, a significant improvement for the girls as well as Handford House Mistress, Anne McKane.

    Commenting on the new space, two of the Handford girls and the House Mistress, said:

    Coming in new this year, I only had a quick view of what the Common Room looked like before the extension. However, on the first day of term, I was blown away by the open space and stunning views of the Downs from the Common Room. There are a ton of movies to watch and amazing games to play, which is great for us to socialise with all the other girls. I love the extension and how it feels like a home away from home to me.
    Lena, Fourth Form

    The extension provides us Handford girls with a real Lancing family. We now have a feel for what it is like to live in a complete house. We have the joys of gaining little sisters and setting a good example for them, as well as gaining a beautiful Common Room that unites us each time we gather for roll call, movie nights, or chats with mentors and Tutors. The Common Room provides comfortable space for all of us plus staff, together with a kitchen that is mostly used by the Third and Fourth Formers. It also means that we have finally found a designated place to celebrate birthdays, and where we can bond together, whether we’re making popcorn or preparing for movie night.
    Fioreta, Upper Sixth Form

    After many years of planning and months of watching the progress of the build, Handford’s extension is ready for the girls. It looks fabulous and already, after a week, feels like it has always been a part of the house and College. The girls of all years are using the Common Room at every opportunity, and it is heartening to see how the new space has helped shape the interactions of the girls from different year groups.
    Anne McKane, Housemistress

  • Field's House - click for progress

    Work is well underway in Field's, with the common room and kitchens and Third, Fourth and Fifth Form pitts already completed. The Lower Sixth Form bedrooms are scheduled for completion between the Advent Half Term and Christmas.

    Below is a selection of photos of some of the completed areas.





  • School House - click for progress

    The refurbishment of School House should be 75% complete by Advent Half Term 2015, with work on Third, Fifth and Lower Sixth Form pitts and the common room finished first.

    The entrance to School House, complete with new cherry flooring


    Custom-made beds and storage in newly refurbished pitts

    Completely modernised bathrooms

    Long-standing Honours Boards given a new lease of life


    October 2015: Work still progressing on upper floor corridors, bathrooms and pitts

    One of the larger kitchens being re-floored...

    ...while this kitchen has already been finished

    Painted, polished and newly-lit stairwells

    The newly refurbished School House common room.

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