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Prospective Parents

Join us for our next Open Morning
Saturday 14 October
10.00am - 12 noon
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As a non-selective school our admissions process does not involve entrance examinations.

In the first instance, parents who are considering Lancing College Preparatory School for their child arrange to visit the Head Mistress and take a tour of the school. They are then invited to send their son/daughter for a ‘taster day’ during which he/she will share a normal school day with pupils in the same age group. This enables parents and children to gain first hand insight into what the school offers and allows us to assess whether we shall be able to meet the child’s educational needs.

If a child is seeking entry into Year 1 or above, a copy of his or her most recent school report will be requested. A place is offered on the basis of the taster day, the most recent school report and any other information that helps determine whether a child's needs can be met at Lancing College Preparatory School. Once a deposit has been received and a parent/school contract has been signed, your child's place is guaranteed, subject to confirmation by the school that the place has been awarded.

Entry to the school may be made at any stage during the academic year.

  • Open Mornings

    Join us for our next Open Morning
    Saturday 14 October
    10.00am - 12 noon
    Click HERE to register

    Open Mornings are held biannually on Saturday mornings. They offer an opportunity for prospective parents and pupils to have a full tour of the School, usually guided by one of our pupils.

    Parents are encouraged to make an initial visit to an Open Morning, after which it is usually advisable to visit the school during the working week in order to see it fully in operation and to meet with the Head Mistress and admissions staff.

    Parents are warmly welcomed to visit the school at any time of year, although competition for places usually means that an early visit is desirable.

  • 11+

    Many parents make the choice to send their child to Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove at the age of 11.

    There are usually a number of places available at this time. While entry at 11 does not guarantee a place at Lancing College at the age of 13, we are normally able to give advice with authority as to whether this would be an appropriate option.

    A number of means-tested scholarship awards are available to pupils at the age of 11. The purpose of these awards is to allow entry into the school for those pupils academically able enough to have a good chance of gaining an academic award to their senior school at the age of 13.

    Scholarships are awarded based on performance in tests of English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning in the January before the pupil is due to join us.

  • Apply to Lancing Prep Hove

    To apply to Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove, please download the form below:

    Download Application Form (274 KB)

    This form should be completed and returned to the Admissions Officer, together with a £95.00 registration fee (non refundable for Reception to Year 8), as set out in the registration and fees document. Please make your cheques payable to ‘Lancing College Ltd’.

  • Admissions Policy and Procedure

    Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school at any time during the school year, by making an appointment with the Head Mistress. There is also the opportunity to see the school, meet the staff and learn of our plans for the future, at our Open Mornings.

    The majority of pupils enter the school in the Pre-Prep, though some are accepted later. In the first instance we invite parents to meet with our Head Mistress and view the school.

    Registration and Admission

    Once a visit has been made to the school and entry has been approved by the Head Mistress, an Application Form must be returned together with a cheque for £95.00 which covers the registration fee (non-refundable for Reception to Year 8). Your child will then be offered a provisional place or placed on the waiting list.

    Should a place be available, then we invite your child to spend a taster day with us. All places at Lancing College Prep are pending a successful taster day and receipt of a reference from the child's current school. Once attended and successful, an Acceptance Form must then be completed and returned with a cheque for £600.00 (with effect of 1st January 2014) to cover the deposit in order to secure the place. The deposit will be refunded in the last term's fees of the pupil's final year subject to adherence to our Terms and Conditions. Failure to take up an accepted place will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

  • Fees

    Academic Year 2017–2018

    To register a place, the application form must be returned, together with a cheque for £95 which covers the registration fee (non-refundable for Reception to Year 8).

    Once entry has been approved by the Head Mistress, a taster day has been attended and reference received, an acceptance form must be completed and returned, together with a cheque for the deposit of £600, in order to secure the place. 

    • Registration Fee (non refundable for Reception to Year 8) £95.00
    • Deposit (refunded on the final account) £600.00

    Nursery Termly Fees

    • Attending 5 full days (8.30am to 3.30pm) £2,350 including lunch 
    • Attending 5 half days (8.30am to 1.00pm) £1,295 including lunch 
    • Extra Nursery Session am (8.30am to 1.00pm) £28.10 
    • Extra Nursery Session pm (12.00pm to 3.30pm) £22.85

    Preferred fee payment is by Direct Debit and we offer a Direct Debit Instalment Scheme. 

    Should you wish to introduce your child to our Nursery gradually and do not wish him or her to attend every day, this can be arranged. Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove is registered for Nursery Education Grants. 

    • Pre-Prep Termly Fee: (Reception to Year 2) £2,960 including lunch 
    • Prep School Termly Fee: (Year 3) £4,930 including lunch and most school clubs 
    • Prep School Termly Fee: (Year 4 to Year 8) £5,220 including lunch and most school clubs 

    Failure to take up an accepted place will result in forfeiture of the deposit. Preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit (instalments available). Please contact the school for further information. 

    No remission of fees can be allowed for absence through illness. Parents are, therefore, recommended to avail themselves of the School Fees Refund Scheme, particulars of which are available from the School Office.  

    In the event of withdrawal of a pupil from the school, a full term’s notice in writing must be given or payment of a full term’s fees in lieu of such notice.

  • Inspection Report

    ISI Report Excellent in All Areas

    Lancing Prep Hove was awarded the highest possible grades by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in its March 2015 report. The school was judged excellent for:

    • Quality of pupils’ achievements and learning
    • Contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision
    • Quality of pupils’ personal development
    • Leadership and management
    • Quality of teaching
    • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
    • Quality of arrangements for pastoral care
    • Contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety
    • Quality of governance
    • Quality of leadership and management, including links with parents, carers and guardians

    The report highlighted the aims and values that lie at the heart of the ethos of the school:

    • “all pupils “acquire excellent subject knowledge across a wide range of study and interests”
    • “[The pupils] are confident and self-aware, yet mindful of others’ needs”
    • “Considerable success in art, dance, drama and music competitions reflects the pupils’ well- developed creative skills”
    • “The pupils’ attitudes to learning, in and out of lessons, are excellent”
    • “The more able are identified and challenged with appropriate tasks to extend their learning”


    Further information

    To contact the school please ring 01273 503452.

    A full copy of the report can be read/downloaded here: Lancing Prep at Hove ISI Report March 2015 (PDF, 216KB)


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