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Current Parents' Information

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

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  • Curriculum

    Detailed information about the Lancing Prep Hove curriculum can be found in the following document:

    Lancing Prep Hove Curriculum Information 2016-17 (PDF)

  • Staff

    Teaching Staff

    Name Position
    Mrs K L Keep, BEd Head Mistress
    Mr A Price, BA Deputy Head
    Mr D T Peters, BA, MA, ALCM, PGCE Deputy Head
    Miss L Atkinson, BA Year 5
    Ms S Barber, BA Year 7 / Head of French
    Miss S Bowdler, BEd, MA, PGCE Year 8 / Head of English
    Mr D Clifton, BA, PGCE Year 4
    Dr C Cooper, BSc, PGCE, PhD, RSci, MRSC Year 8 / Head of Science / Child Protection Co-ordinator
    Mrs L Coutts, BA, PGCE Year 7 / Head of Geography
    Miss K Draper, NVQ 3 Diploma Nursery
    Mrs C Eagle, MA Latin
    Mr A Farley, BEd Director of Music & Head of IT
    Miss A Gilgrass, BA with QTS Year 1
    Mrs H Holliday, BA, PGCE, PGDip (Literacy/Dyslexia) SENCO
    Miss K Jane, BEd Year 2
    Mr E Keep, BSc, PGCE Year 7
    Mrs E Knight, BEd Reception
    Mr T Meierdirk, BFA Illinois Head of Design & Technology
    Miss K Ranson, BA, PGCE Reception
    Mr G Richards, BA Year 8 / Head of RE
    Miss S Roberts, BA Head of Art
    Mrs M Shaw, BA Year 2
    Mrs J Silverson, BA Year 5 / Head of Mathematics
    Mrs F Taylor, BA Pre-Prep Music
    Miss G Taylor, BA Year 3
    Miss L A Thorn, MEng, PGCE Year 6
    Miss J Weller, BA Year 4 / Head of Girls' Games

    Support Staff

    Name Position
    Miss M Ball Year 2J Classroom Assistant
    Mrs A Barnes Year 2S Classroom Assistant
    Mrs O Beckwith SENCO Assistant
    Mrs K Brown Admissions and Marketing Officer
    Mrs A Cunningham Administration Assistant / Reception
    Mrs A Currie Nursery Classroom Assistant
    Mrs H Deane Matron
    Mr T Dunk Premises Officer/Caretaker
    Mrs D Farmer Kitchen Assistant
    Mr K Fillingham Chef
    Mrs P Kingston Science Technician
    Mrs S McLaughlin After School Club
    Miss R-D Mepham Reception Classroom Assistant
    Ms S Morey School Secretary
    Mrs J Phillimore Year 1 Classroom Assistant
    Mrs T Pinkus Dining Room Assistant
    Miss P Roberts Kitchen Assistant
    Mrs K Rourke Assistant Cook
    Mr A Rumble Chef
    Mrs J Smallbone Reception Classroom Assistant
    Mrs G Taylor Nursery Classroom Assistant

  • Uniform List

    At Lancing Prep Hove we believe pupils should maintain a smart appearance at all times.

    To this end we would ask you to read and adhere closely to the clothing list that is contained within this booklet.

    The uniform is designed to be tidy but practical and it is appropriate to the age and gender of your child.

    Download the Uniform List (PDF) 

  • Bus Routes

    The following document contains bus route information for 2016/17:

    Bus Routes - Lancing Prep Hove 2016/17 (PDF, 650KB)

  • Pupil Insurance Schemes

    Fees Refund Scheme

    A Fees Refund Scheme is available at Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove. Following changes in legislation this scheme is provided on an opt-in basis and is payable by a termly premium.

    This scheme provides compensation for the loss of fees following the absence of your child for medical reasons including accident, sickness or quarantine.  

    Qualifying period of absence: 5 days (including weekends)

    For full details of this scheme please click on the attachment below.

    Fees Refund Scheme - Lancing Prep Hove (PDF)

    If you wish to opt-in to this scheme, please contact the Fees Administration team at where they will be able to provide the required application forms.

    Your child is automatically included in a Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme which incorporates Dental Cover.  This scheme provides compensation for total or partial disability as a result of accidents, as strongly recommended by The School Council and the Independent Schools’ Council.

    This scheme is not part of the opt-in insurances and is included as part of the termly school fees.

    Maximum benefit: £1,000,000
    Worldwide cover, 365 days a year.
    Activities outside of College are also covered.

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