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Prep Department

Love Learning @ Lancing Prep at Worthing

‘Illumination, Inspiration and Independence’


Children progress to the Prep School at 7+, and a small number of pupils join us at this stage from other schools, if space is available. 


There are six year groups in the Prep and we have no more than 20 pupils in each class. Prior to entry, pupils are invited to visit the school for a day, or half-day, to join their intended class. This gives the pupils the opportunity to meet their prospective new classmates and allows us to gauge potential ability and assess the child’s ability to cope with our curriculum. 

When children apply for places in Year 7 (at 11+), they sit cognitive analytical tests in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and non-verbal reasoning to ensure that they will be able to fully access the Common Entrance or Common Academic Scholarship syllabus which we follow in Years 7 and 8. Academic scholarships are awarded to pupils who do particularly well on these papers. Scholarships result in the award of means tested bursaries. 

In Years 3 and 4 children are predominantly taught by class teachers, with subject specialists in French, Art, Music, DT, computing and PE. Latin is also added to the programme in Year 4. 

All the elements of the new National Curriculum are covered with particular emphasis on core subjects. From Year 5, most of a child’s weekly timetable is taught by subject specialists. Pupils’ learning is very carefully monitored by subject staff, form teachers and the Head Teacher. There are twice-yearly reports and twice-yearly parents’ meetings, but parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s work at any time in the school year. 

The school is divided into four houses, and house points provide a highly motivating reward system for the pupils. Rewards are given for effort as well as achievement and for success in co-curricular areas such as Sport and Music. 


At the heart of our curriculum is the intention to lay firm foundations on which to build future studies. We aim for all our children to become powerful learners: resilient, resourceful, reflective and relating young people who are well equipped for life in the 21st Century.  We believe that these are essential skills for future success and happiness.  

For many years all Common Entrance candidates have passed through to the senior school of their choice. In addition, many Scholarships and Exhibitions have been won at senior independent schools in Music, Sport and Art, as well as academic disciplines.

In English, pupils are taught the basic grammatical structure of language, with encouragement to develop oral and dramatic skills, wide reading habits and the ability to both talk and write intelligently. There is a Library with a good selection of books which all pupils are encouraged to use. 

Our approach to Mathematics enables pupils to gain confidence in basic numeracy and to develop higher level skills in problem-solving and algebra. 

Our well-equipped IT Room is widely used to supplement work in many subjects, and to develop computing skills, including using coding; in addition, there are class sets of iPads which are important tools for learning.  Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. 

A full range of subjects, including Science, French, Latin, Geography, History, RS, Art, Design Technology, Computing, Music and PE, ensures a broad and balanced curriculum enabling all our pupils to benefit from a wide range of educational experiences. 

The Music Department organises concerts and we have a junior and senior choir, an orchestra, wind band and guitar club who all perform to a very high standard. All pupils learn the descant recorder and keyboard skills. They may also have lessons with our peripatetic piano, woodwind, flute, brass and violin teachers who visit the school each week. 

Physical Education forms an important part of our wider curriculum and all pupils participate. In the winter season, Football, Hockey and Netball teams compete very successfully with full fixture lists. During the summer, Cricket, Rounders and Athletics form the basis of our PE programme. Children are encouraged to enter national standards competitions such as Super Skills, 5-Star and BAGA award schemes.

We are committed to language learning with all children studying French from Year 2 and Latin from Year 4. 

Our teachers take pride in preparing engaging lessons which challenge and inspire the children.  Continuing professional development is taken seriously and a structured appraisal system for teachers ensures that the best possible provision is made for the children. 


There is a broad range of co-curricular activities that changes from time to time. All pupils in the Preparatory department are invited to join clubs, some even join five clubs each week! This year, clubs are organised in: 

  • Art
  • Choir (Junior or Senior)
  • Farm Club
  • Computing
  • Drama 
  • Netball 
  • Orchestra 
  • Performance 
  • Rounders
  • Tag Rugby 
  • Science 
  • Soccer 
  • Ukulele
  • Wind Band 


All pupils are required to wear school uniform which is available from the School Shop at Lancing College. 

The Parents’ Association, the LPWA, arranges sales of nearly-new uniform items several times a year. 

Pupils have a substantial cooked meal each day, with a vegetarian option. Staff and children sit together for lunch, providing an important opportunity for informal conversation. We strongly believe in the importance of good manners and conduct. 

The school is open between 8.10am and 5.30pm. Should a prep school child need to remain in school until 6.00pm, he or she may join Wraparound Club in the Nursery; there is a small charge for this which is added to the following term’s invoice.


Additional learning support lessons are provided for children with a specific learning difficulty and an additional charge is made for these lessons. The Head is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and we believe that with the right support children with specific learning difficulties should do well at Lancing Prep at Worthing. 


A biennial Adventure Holiday is arranged for children in Years 3–6 as well as a biennial residential trip to France for those in Years 6-8. All pupils have educational day visits ranging from theatre trips to fieldwork days, museums, farms, castles and art galleries. 

Our aim is for pupils to leave us confident and fulfilled, having found areas of strength to contribute to the wider school community - whether academically, in athletic or aesthetic spheres. This, together with an awareness of their environment and consideration for others, sends them on to senior school as caring and capable members of society.

The academic structure established a pattern for our daughter's learning, and a firm foundation as she has progressed through Lancing College.
Parent of former pupil
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